January 15, 2020

4 Simple Ways to Improve Machine Guarding in Your Workplace

Preventing accidents in your workplace is critical for improving workplace safety and efficiency. And although you may find your team going days, weeks, or even months without an accident, you never want to risk becoming complacent.

Employee safety is a vital part of any industrial workplace, and there is always room for improvement—from ensuring compliance with OSHA machine guarding regulations to modifying your own procedures and practices. Here are four simple ways that you can improve machine guarding in your workplace and make a major impact on your bottom line. 

1. Invest in Machine Guarding Assessments

Conducting regular machine guarding assessments is one of the most effective ways to continually improve machine safety in your workplace. These assessments allow your team to eliminate risks before they lead to injuries—driving superior safety and productivity. Not only will you be able to determine whether a machine is operating properly, but you can also identify if the right safety guards are being used and where you need to improve in your facility. 

A machine guarding assessment from Stronghold Safety Engineering is essential to identifying risks in your workplace—and implementing solutions to give your employees stronger protection. Our safety professionals will help ensure your machines can operate safely on a daily basis, according to your unique production needs. So if you want to improve machine guarding safety to prevent injuries and downtime proactively, this assessment is the first step. 

2. Create a Lasting Safety Culture

Your company's culture drives its process, people, and success. Consequently, creating a culture that prioritizes safety is vital, especially when it comes to improving machine guarding. Workplace safety is something that should never be compromised. And to ensure that it never falls by the wayside, it’s important to reinforce machine safety across your company culture.

You want a culture that promotes proper machine guarding and best practices throughout your facility. Without it, you may start to see employees cut corners and make more mistakes during machine operations. Even if you already have a strong safety culture, it’s essential to nurture that commitment in your employees—and reward them accordingly. A combination of recognition and rewards will help ensure that your employees embrace safety across every facet of their work.

3. Change Things Up

Oftentimes, when employees become complacent, they’ll move into “auto-pilot” mode. That’s why it’s so essential to change up employee routines and combat too much regularity. Switching up your operations allows you to introduce fresh ideas while keeping safety top of mind. Try experimenting with different safety products and safety courses—gathering employee feedback to adjust your efforts. It’s a great way to create a more engaged and enthusiastic workplace. 

4. Conduct Thorough Training

Having properly trained operators and employees is vital for industrial workplaces. Accidents and injuries often occur due to lack of adequate training; don’t let this set you back. In-depth machine guarding training will help improve safety around your machines and entire facility. With the right training and education, your operators will become safer and more efficient when using machine guards.

Just having machine guards doesn’t mean your team is completely protected—you need to give your employees the tools to create a safer workplace themselves. Recognizing hazards before they become dangerous is critical. When you have regular training, (even a simple refresher now and again), you enable employees to make smarter decisions and safely operate your machines. 

Safety Solutions from Stronghold Safety Engineering

No matter how experienced your workers might be, there’s always room for improvement in machine guarding practices. And when you implement solutions that keep employees engaged and committed to making safer choices, you can avoid complacency and minimize risks in your workplace.

At Stronghold, we are passionate about helping you create and maintain safer facilities. With our thorough safety assessments, we can help you build a custom safety plan and implement solutions to keep your workplace protected. As your full-service safety partner, we’ll provide solutions that minimize risks and maximize productivity. 

When it comes to your employees and company, you need a safety partner you can trust. Contact Stronghold today if you’re ready to get serious about safety.