August 6, 2018

5 Ways to Reduce Risk in the Warehouse

Safety risks are present in every warehouse, many of which often go unnoticed until it’s too late. The injuries that result can cost your business a fortune in lost time and money while also reducing employee morale and sometimes even leading to major fines and lawsuits. You need to take steps today to reduce risk in your warehouse and to ensure your employees have everything they need to remain safe and productive. Here are five ways to achieve this goal and increase your warehouse’s output.

Machine Safeguarding

Professional safeguarding is a no-brainer for every industrial workspace. Many serious injuries that occur every day could be prevented simply by implementing the right blade guard, safety shield, or other protective element. Industrial machinery is dangerous and needs to be treated as such. Take steps today to implement safeguarding on the heavy equipment in your warehouse.

Electrical Safeguarding

High voltage components in warehouses can pose a serious threat to employees. Emergency stops, motor controls, and light curtains are all elements that can be safely implemented to reduce risk and the likelihood of injury. Make sure your employees have the electrical safeguarding equipment they need to remain productive without concern of potentially life-threateninginjury.

Fall Protection

Injury due to falling is the top OSHA citation. Your warehouse needs to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of falls in all potentially hazardous areas. Safety gates and perimeter guarding are both easy ways to protect against this all-too-common threat. Not only can falls cause injuries to your employees, but they also slow production throughout the warehouse. Take steps today to prevent falls and reduce the figure of an alarming OSHA statistic.


A lack of adequate training and information is the most common cause of injury in the workplace. It’s up to you to ensure your employees are aware of all the hazards in their environment and that they’re up to speed on the precautions necessary to maintain proper safety. Education is an ongoing process and one that needs to be kept up with as changes and upgrades are made to your warehouse. As a workspace evolves, so do the needs of its safety plan.


Any hazardous zones in your warehouse need to be clearly labeled and marked off with either paint or tape to make them clearly recognizable to all employees. This starts with identification. A professional safety assessment of your warehouse will point out any dangerous areas and suggest changes that can increase protection for your employees. This will also heighten their awareness and make them more likely to notice any threats in the workplace.

Implement a Safety Plan Today

If you haven’t been taking workplace safety seriously in your warehouse, it’s time to start. These five steps are some of the ways you can improve the lives of your employees and the production of your business.

Stronghold Safety specializes in delivering comprehensive safety plans for industrial workspaces and also carries a complete line of industry-leading safeguarding, electrical, and fall protection products. Contact us today for a safety assessment to start keeping your environment safe and operational.

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