January 21, 2020

A Guide to Industrial Ejection Curtains

Protecting your employees should be your number one priority, but you also need to make sure your machines are accessible. Having high-quality machine guards on every machine is vital for safety and productivity, especially for OSHA machine guard compliance. A hydraulic press can be an especially dangerous machine, as any object ejected from it can become a deadly projectile or cause serious injury. 

Industrial ejection curtains are the perfect safety solution to protect your operators and workers from the risks of a hydraulic press—providing easy access without compromising safety. How can this critical machine guard improve safety in your workplace? Here’s a basic guide on the importance of ejection curtains to get you started. 

The Basics of Industrial Ejection Curtains

Industrial ejection curtains are some of the most vital safety products for industrial workplaces. With these products, a mesh curtain keeps flying debris from hitting operators or other workers in the area, while making sure the point of operation is clearly visible. Without a safeguard surrounding your hydraulic press, you are putting your employees at risk of being hit or injured. 

When implementing ejection curtains into your operations, it’s important to ensure the equipment is properly handled. Take the time to train employees on how this safety product works, how to properly set them up, and how to use them correctly to ensure full protection. Training plays an integral role in the safety of industrial facilities, too—especially when new equipment is introduced. By conducting proper training, you’ll be confident that your operators know how to safely use the ejection curtains. 

Products from Stronghold Safety Engineering

Stronghold Safety offers a wide selection of high-quality industrial ejection curtains to support your machine operations. Here’s an overview of the products we carry to help you find the right solution for your workplace:

Standard Frame Ejection Curtain

Our Standard Frame Ejection Curtain is an easy-to-install solution, originally intended to protect people in the vicinity of a bomb blast. It’s the perfect complement to your hydraulic press—where safety should never be compromised, but the operator needs full visibility. These lightweight, corrosion-resistant curtains are painted black to allow your operator to see the point of operation easily. 

This steel mesh curtain is completely fireproof—and won’t absorb oil, grease, or other flammable liquids. These curtains can be easily cleaned when needed, making them virtually maintenance free. Having met in-depth and rigorous safety standards, you’ll be happy to have this ejection curtain protecting your employees. 

These curtains are also available in an ejection curtain kit with a multi-width curtain rod that will fit a wide range of machine sizes. The curtain rod will fit press widths ranging from 24 inches to 64 inches.

Interlock Kit For Hydraulic Press Ejection Curtains

Unfortunately, a guard alone can’t guarantee full protection from accidents or injuries—especially if a guard is moveable. How can you be sure a machine won’t operate when a guard isn’t in place? This is where interlocking devices can help. An interlocking device can prevent a machine from turning on at the wrong time, as well as keeping the operator from making an inappropriate maneuver and potentially harming themselves or others.

The Interlock Kit For Hydraulic Press Ejection Curtains is an optional interlock that works with Stronghold’s ejection curtains for added safety. With the use of our steel mesh curtains and the optional interlock kit, you’ll be offering exceptional protection for your hydraulic press operators and others in the facility. The interlock will prevent the press from being used if the movable guard is not properly in place, too.

Stronghold Safety: Your Safety Partner 

Partnering with Stronghold Safety shows you are taking the safety of your employees and facilities seriously. Our selection of high-quality industrial ejection curtains allow you to keep your operators protected from the hazards of dangerous machines. Above all, our team is committed to making sure you and your employees are always fully protected. 

With our range of industrial safety services and products, we’ll help you customize your safety solutions to optimize your production. Getting serious about safety is simple and effective with Stronghold. Contact us today to get started.