July 23, 2018

Preventing Falls in the Workplace to Save Time, Money, and Lives

Falls in the workplace are the most common cause of on-the-job injuries, with industrial environments often being packed with hazards that pose threats to workers every day. However, many such injuries are easily avoidable by simply taking measures to eliminate risks and improve employee safety – which can also boost your business’s productivity and bottom line. Here are some of the main reasons your organization needs to implement a fall protection plan today.

Protect your employees

The majority of industrial work environments are full of hazards that often go unnoticed to the untrained eye until an accident occurs and it’s too late. Of the 991 total deaths in the construction industry in 2016, 384 were due to falls. Stairs, slippery floors, elevated platforms, and rooftops all pose threats to your workers that need to be protected against to keep them safe and productive. Taking the right measures today can literally save lives for years to come.

Save your business time

Falls resulting in injury can cost your business a fortune in lost time, accounting for more than 95 million lost workdays per year – about 65 percent of all workdays lost in the U.S. This loss of workdays has a great impact on your bottom line and on morale across your organization. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace. You need to implement a safety plan that protects against falls to keep your employees on the job, cared for, and functioning at a high level.

Save your business money

Lost time due to injury equates to lost money for your organization, all of which is compounded even further by costs due to lawsuits, compensation, and repairs to damaged equipment that can factor into the aftermath of a workplace injury. Fall hazards are the top OSHA citation every year, costing businesses millions in easily avoidable fines if they’d only taken the time to implement a fall protection plan. The right equipment and processes can save you invaluable time and money both today and down the road.

Prevention methods

There are many things you can do to reduce the likelihood of falls and injuries on the job. Determining the right equipment needed for the task, scanning for hazards before getting to work, and avoiding outdoor work during inclement weather are all smart measures to take to ensure the safety of your team. These are just a few of the easier steps any organization can take to improve safety, but it’s still impossible to replace the effectiveness and impact of a professional plan to protect against falls and injuries. The right strategy requires in-depth analysis of your environment and expert-level implementation to improve safety without disturbing the day-to-day flow of your organization.

Fall protection from Stronghold

Stronghold Safety helps businesses identify hazards in the workplace and then works alongside your organization to implement protection processes that will keep your workers safe and your bottom line on the rise. We carry pre-fabricated fall and perimeter protection products to serve your needs, all delivered to combine the highest in quality and value. Contact us today for an expert fall hazard consultation from our team to help keep your business compliant and productive.

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