Mobile Safety Rail - Galvanized Finish

Portable, free-standing, and non-Penetrating, the safety railing and guardrail systems meet and exceed OSHA regulations for fall protection compliance. Each one of the fall protection products ensure that your work environment is safe, secure and productive. Each one of the safety products is tested and certified to meet or exceed OSHA standards for fall protection. More specifically, they are classified as hazard barriers by acting as a physical barrier between the worker and the fall hazard. Common applications are flat roof fall protection along the leading edge of roof perimeters, ladder access points, roof hatches, skylight guarding and more. These guard rail systems are also used on loading docks, shipping pit protection, warehouse traffic lanes, crowd control, pier and rail yard protection and much more.

Each safety guardrail system is simple to install and versatile in the respect that they can be set up in a number of different configurations to fit within your existing infrastructure. Once installed, workers are free to move about inside the perimeter without the need of being tied off to an approved anchorage device as with harnesses and lanyards. This allows for complete freedom of movement of secured personnel.

Custom colors and galvanized finishes are also available.  Let us know if you need help laying out a safey rail system that will work for you.

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10' Std. Mobile Safety Rail (Galvanized)
SKU: 411799
9' Std. Mobile Safety Rail (Galvanized)
SKU: 411800
8' Std. Mobile Safety Rail (Galvanized)
SKU: 411801
7.5' Std. Mobile Safety Rail (Galvanized)
SKU: 411802
7' Std. Mobile Safety Rail (Galvanized)
SKU: 411803
6' Std. Mobile Safety Rail (Galvanized)
SKU: 411804
5' Std. Mobile Safety Rail (Galvanized)
SKU: 411805
4' Std. Mobile Safety Rail (Galvanized)
SKU: 411806
3' Std. Mobile Safety Rail (Galvanized)
SKU: 411807
2' Std. Mobile Safety Rail (Galvanized)
SKU: 411808
Mobile Base Plate With Cover (Galvanized)
SKU: 411810
Safety Rail Pin (3" Z) - Zinc Plated
SKU: 411798
Mobile Safety Rail - Galvanized Finish
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Full Description
  • Can not be used on an incline > than 4.75 degrees.
  • Do not install on slippery surfaces such as metal or bare concrete.  Clean all oils and particulates (sand, dust, etc...) from surface before placing bases.
  • Bases must be at least 18" from a fall edge lackin a parapet wall or lip.
  • Where river rock is present, the rock must be cleared away and bases to be placed directly on the roof surface.
  • Always terminate rail runs with 5' rails at 90 degrees.


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