Inside Polishing Attachment Lite- 1" to 1.5" Flap Wheel Kit

Product Number: 411103

Kit includes: Qty 1 - inside polishing attachment, Qty 1 - 80 grit fly wheel, Qty 1 - 180 grit fly wheel, Qty 1 - 320 grit fly wheel

Inside Polishing Attachment Lite- 1" to 1.5" Flap Wheel Kit
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Full Description

Using hands to sand, polish, and debur rotating parts increases the risk of entaglement risk.  Witht he Inside Polishing Attachement, lathe operators can avoid using their hands and minimize risk of injury.

A tool for sanding and deburring inside diameters on conventional lathes. You can sand and deburr without the direct use of hands (for safety). The tool is fixed to the existing tool post of the lathe. It allows sanding operations of metal parts, alloy and wood.

A compact high torque air motor with a standard flap wheel is inserted into the inside diameter of the workpiece. This tool is designed to sand different inside diameters of the work piece. The tool has standard 1/4 inch collet for use with 1/4 shaft flap wheels. A standard shop air hose about 90 psi drives the motor.

The Lite model has a flap wheel capacity of 1" to 1.5" diamater and a max of 0.4hp.  Fits a 3/4" tool holder.