Centryco Lead Screw Cover

Industrial-duty lead and feed screw cover for lathes. This safety guard installs on both sides of the carriage and covers the lead and feed screw completely to help prevent entanglements.  

Lead screw covers are custom quoted.

Centryco Lead Screw Cover
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Full Description

Made of 1095 polished blue carbon steel, these Centryco Covers help to protect the machine operator from inadvertant contact and entaglement with the rotating lead screw of the metal lathe.  Centryco Covers also help provide protection of the lead screw by protecting it from chips and other destructive elements.

These helical metal covers surround the lead screw with overlapping coils and spring action.  The unit is normally held in place by simple flanges while the cover compresses and expands as the lathe saddle moves.

Installation options include both open wound and over end models.  The latter requires partial disassembly of the machine.

These lathe guards are custom quoted and made specific to machine measurements provided.  

PDF Download: Dimensions Sheet / Measurement Form

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