Repar2 Chip Shield - TR3B

As low as USD$558.94
As low as USD$558.94
Repar2 Chip Shield - TR3B
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Full Description

This shield is designed to be used on large radial drills.

The shields are fabricated out of a steel frame and transparent polycarbonate to protect the machine operator from flying chips and coolant.

 All Repar2 shields exceed OSHA and ANSI standards and comply with EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE

  • The machine will not operate with an open shield
  • Vertical adjustability
  • Steel frame with polycarbonate shield
  • Shield moves easily to the side for tool change

TR3B-300: Shield size 11.81" x 9.45" (300 mm W x 240mm H)

TR3B-400: Shield size 15.75" x 9.45" (400mm W x 240mm H)

TR3B-500: Shield size 19.69" x 9.45" (500mm W x 240mm H)

TR3B-600: Shield size 23.62" x 9.45" (600mm W x 240mm H)