Repar2 Mill Shield - FBB

This chip shield features an interlock switch for additional safety. When the interlocked shield is moved to the side the machine will turn of and not turn back on until the shield is put back in place for operation.

The arm has flexible joints and is balanced and kept in position by a gas spring. Just move it into a desired position and it stays there. Adjustment in 3 axis - Up / Down, In / Out and Side to Side.

As low as USD$1,334.34
As low as USD$1,334.34
Repar2 Mill Shield - FBB
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Full Description

This shield is designed to be used on milling machines and are fabricated out of a steel frame and transparent polycarbonate to protect the machine operator from milling cutters and restrict flying swarf and coolant.

 All Repar2 shields exceed OSHA and ANSI standards and comply with EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE

  • Shield includes 3 safety micro switches to prevent mill operation if the shield is opened, pushed to the side or lifted up
  • Gas strut equipped arm; enabling arm to be lifted up out of the way
  • Vertical adjustability
  • Steel frame with polycarbonate shield
  • Shield moves easily to the side for tool change
  • Easy installation - Four bolt installation on the ram - Easy leveling system
  • Easy adjustments to fit any machine and work style