Stronghold Standard Frame Ejection Curtain

These press ejection curtains are fabricated from steel mesh, originally intended to protect people in the vicinity of a bomb blast. Perfect for hydraulic press guarding where easy access is desired and safety can't be compromised.

The following sizes are out of stock and discontinued:  

  • Press Frame Width 24-28in: SKUs 210290; 210300; 210310
  • Press Frame Width 29-32in: SKUs 210291; 210301; 210311
  • Press Frame Width 33-36in: SKUs 210292; 210302; 210312
  • Press Frame Width 37-40in: SKUs 210293; 210303; 210313
  • Press Frame Width 45-48in: SKUs 210295; 210305; 210315
  • Press Frame Width 49-52in: SKUs 210296; 210306; 210316
  • Press Frame Width 53-56in: SKUs 210297; 210307; 210317
  • Press Frame Width 57-60in: SKUs 210298; 210308; 210318
  • Press Frame Width 61-64in: SKUs 210299; 210309; 210319

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As low as USD$815.00
As low as USD$815.00
Stronghold Standard Frame Ejection Curtain
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Full Description

An object that ejects from a hydraulic press can become a deadly projectile and cause serious injury. The Stronghold Ejection Curtains will help stop dangerous flying debris and allow it to fall safely to the ground.

Installing a steel mesh ejection curtain allows easy access to machines while providing a lower cost method of meeting hydraulic press guarding standards. Because the mesh is black, the operator's eyes can easily focus on the point of operation. The curtains are lightweight, easy to install, maintenance free and allow natural light visibility.

  • Each Steel Mesh Ejection Curtain guards one side of the press
  • A = Press Width - at top of press
  • B = Press Height - from press top to the floor
  • Fireproof and virtually maintenance free
  • Corrosion resistant
  • The mesh is painted black to allow the operator's eyes to focus more easily on the point of operation. 
  • Exceeded the ISC/GSA Performance Condition 3b criteria for acceptable levels of protection from glass fragment hazards during an explosion. (GSA-TS01-2003)
  • Met the tougher Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-010-01 standard.
  • Passed up to the following test conditions: Average peak pressure 6.2 psi, Average Maximum Impulse 41 psi-ms, Duration 16ms
  • Kit includes: steel mesh curtain, curtain hooks and installation bar
  • Custom sizes and designs available