Prismont Mill Guard - MST-PFR02

This is a multi-adjustable interlocked guard for universal milling machines.  It protects the operator from direct contact with rotating parts of the vertical spindle and from the projection of shavings and lubricant-coolant. 

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Prismont Mill Guard - MST-PFR02/625
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Prismont Mill Guard - MST-PFR02
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Full Description

Thanks to the proven system of rubbing articulated arms, it is the only guard to be truly versatile and manageable - Suitable for frequent changes of operation.  Attachable on the base flank, it is equipped with a wide 'visibility' shield and a double opening system and with double safety microswitch.

  1. Levelling anchorage stirrup - in tubular steel
  2. Depth-adjustable safety guard support
  3. Safety microswitch main boxes - 180 degrees rotation - (2) NC contacts
  4. Horizontal adjustment clamp
  5. Articulated arms in tubular steel
  6. Rubbing articulation with friction disc
  7. Angular junction for the vertical turnover of the shield
  8. Shield opening unlocking knob
  9. Shield structure in aluminum profile
  10. Shield in plastic shockproof and oil-resistant material

Shield Dimensions