February 13, 2020

Save Time & Lives with Sanding Belt Holders

Lack of protection on industrial machines can be a major safety concern for your organization. Alongside putting your operators at risk of injuries, there’s a chance for fines or citations if your machine guards are not OSHA compliant. And often at the top of the list for most hazardous machines is the metal lathe. 

The lathe machine is dangerous due to the life-threatening entanglement hazard it poses to operators—which can potentially cause amputation, dismemberment, or even death. Whenever a lathe operator is sanding, polishing, or deburring rotating parts, they are at risk of entanglement. The paper could, without warning, wrap itself around the shaft, entangling the operator’s hand, hair, or loose clothing. 

Sanding belts for metal lathes can be dangerous if held by hand. Thankfully, a sanding belt holder is the perfect option for adding an extra level of protection for lathe operators. This tool is designed to keep the operator’s hands away from the rotating parts, minimizing the risk of entanglement and severe injury. At Stronghold Safety Engineering, we take pride in offering a wide range of high-quality products that will keep your employees protected—including sanding belt holders. 

Sanding Belt Solutions from Stronghold

At Stronghold, we strive to empower organizations to create safer working conditions and comply with OSHA and industry standards. Our durable sanding belt holders give your organization the ability to provide exceptional protection for employees and operators. We offer several options in order to fit various sanding belt sizes. These holders enable lathe operators to sand, polish, and debur while keeping their hands away from the rotating parts—at a safe operating distance away to help prevent entanglement. 

Here are a few popular products from Stronghold’s selection of sanding belt holders:

These easy-to-use kits are designed to maximize productivity while minimizing risks associated with lathes, and they come in different sizes to meet your specific applications. Installation is a breeze, so you won’t have to worry about some complex system that takes ages to put together. 

The manually operated crank allows rotation of the abrasive belt. Additionally, the sanding belt holders are designed to fit different sizes of turning metal parts—and can be used on metal, alloy, and wood. Don’t continue putting your operators at risk: be sure to add sanding belt holders to your inventory of safety products. 

Safety Habits in the Workplace

Operating a lathe machine can be hazardous if proper safety measures aren’t in place. And while having sanding belt holders can be an excellent way to improve safety, there are plenty of other steps your team can take to maximize safety and efficiency in the workplace. 

It’s vital for employees and leaders in your organization to practice safe habits while operating hazardous machines. This includes operating machines correctly, completing training for identifying risks in the workplace, and making sure every machine is OSHA compliant and well maintained. As a leader in your workplace, it’s important to set the example you want employees to follow. 

Here are some key safety practices to promote in your workplace:

  • Conduct proper training for every machine, company protocols and procedures, and risk identification.

  • Make sure your leaders and employees are following company safety guidelines and OSHA best practices.

  • Ensure that all machines are OSHA compliant.

  • Wear appropriate clothing and gear. 

  • Maintain and clean each area of operation.

  • Incorporate additional safety products, such as e-stop/start buttons and safeguards.

  • Never leave a machine when it is in operation.

  • Regularly inspect machines to ensure they are working properly.

Keeping your employees protected should be your number one priority—and you can support this goal through thorough training, proper communication, regular assessments, and other safety practices.

A Safety Partner You Can Trust

Safety products and solutions are always changing. That’s why it’s crucial to find a partner you can trust to keep your organization up to date. At Stronghold, we are committed to helping you create and maintain a safer workplace. By providing you with the latest and greatest safety products and solutions, we empower your organization and employees to make safer choices—fostering a smarter and more efficient workplace. 

As your full-service safety partner, we can deliver all of the services and support you need to ensure OSHA compliance, mitigate risks, and maximize productivity. If you’re ready to take your safety seriously, contact us today!