January 31, 2020

Top 5 Safety Solutions for Milling Machines

Milling machines are powerful and efficient tools for industrial teams—with the ability to perform a multitude of large- and small-scale operations. However, machining tools like this can be extremely dangerous if operated incorrectly or unsafely. This makes it critical for your company to ensure that your operators and employees are secure while using milling machines. 

Putting your employees’ safety first means always staying at the forefront of new products and services that help protect your most valuable asset. That’s why it’s so important to understand the essentials of safeguarding your workplace. Let’s take a look at the top five safety solutions for milling machines that will help you build a safer, smarter process in your workplace.

Milling Machine Safety

Here’s a list of some of the most powerful, cost-efficient milling machine safety solutions available to your team:

1. Silvaflame Universal Milling Machine Guard

Machine guards help protect milling operators from the hazards associated with the machine and are required by law through OSHA. The Silvaflame Universal Milling Machine Guard is an essential product to have for every milling machine. This heavy-duty shield helps protect the machine operator from flying debris and can be customized to fit a variety of milling machines. Talk to a professional from Stronghold Safety Engineering to learn more about this exceptional product. 

2. Silvaflame Milling Machine Cutter Guard

The Silvaflame Milling Machine Cutter Guard is another important milling guard that can improve the safety of your operators. Its unique design completely encloses the danger zone of vertical milling machines. The cutter guard is manufactured from sheet steel—with a clear 4mm adjustable polycarbonate safety visor for easy visibility. The shield is also side hinged, allowing immediate access for chuck and bit changes. This machine guard for your mill will help keep your operators well protected.

3. Safety Signs

Whenever there is a hazard in the workplace, there should always be a sign to identify it and protect people from harm. This is true in every case, whether it’s a slippery floor or the dangers of milling machines. The Danray Safety Sign for milling machines is designed to comply with OSHA standards and rules, adequately warning people of the potential dangers of the machine. This polyester sign is 0.002" thick with a high-bond-strength acrylic adhesive back by 3M—which has excellent chemical resistance and holding strength even at high temperatures (up to 350°F).

4. Motor Controller

In order to intercept accidents before they cause serious injury, your workplace needs to have the right machine controls. OSHA requires all machines to have one or more guards in place to protect operators and other employees from harm—especially on particularly dangerous equipment like the milling machine. An electronic safety device, such as a Motor Controller, is an excellent addition to your physical safeguards. Motor controllers provide start, stop, and emergency-stop for operators. This can be especially useful if it is necessary to stop a machine unexpectedly to avoid damage or employee injuries.

5. Safety Shields

Safety shields are another key solution for combating risks associated with milling machines. These compact and durable products are useful for a variety of machines that need extra protection. For example, the Danray Snake Arm Shield can be moved easily in and out of the safeguarded position for tool changes, as well as readjusted to fit various machine applications. This shield is equipped with snake arms made of spring steel that is covered with vinyl to protect them from grease, oil, or other contaminants. These arms hold the shield in the position where it is needed—offering nearly unlimited adjustment possibilities with long-term holding power. 

Safety Solutions from Stronghold

The safety of your employees should never be compromised in your workplace. By implementing the right safety solutions (like milling machine guards or safety signs), you can minimize risks and maximize productivity. 

At Stronghold, we are committed to helping you create a safer workplace. From thorough safety assessments to our selection of high-quality safety products, we’re ready to create a customized solution to support your workplace. As your trusted partner in safety, we’ll help find the ideal products and processes for your workflows—eliminating hazards and improving ROI. Contact Stronghold today if you’re ready to get serious about safety.