Safety may not be a DIY job, but you can get a high-level understanding of your current risks with our free DIY Machine Safety Survey.

Before downloading the survey, it's important to understand that every workplace has risk. It's very likely that you currently have several machines in use that aren't OSHA compliant, and some of those machines may be putting your employees at risk of serious injury. By taking the proper safety measures, you can drastically reduce your risk and help protect what's important to your business.

This survey is designed to be easy to use so you can uncover some common problems that exist on many industrial machines. It is not intended to take the place of a full professional safety assessment, but it does help you get started.

If you uncover safety deficiencies after completing the survey, Stronghold can help you take the next steps. We'll help you design and implement the right safety solutions to make you fully compliant and better protected against the many dangers of your machines.

Contact us today for a safer and stronger workplace.