Safety isn't a one-off solution. To minimize your risk, you need to make a continuous commitment to safety. You have to be up-to-date on compliance issues, which means you need to understand which regulations and standards affect your workplace.

As part of our on-going commitment to making businesses safer, we've put together these convenient downloads and guides. Be sure to download your free machine safety placards and free DIY machine safety survey.

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OSHA 3170

Machine Safeguarding

ANSI Standards

OSHA Regulations

Industry Regulatory Agencies

Woodworking Machinery
OSHA 29 CFR 1910
General Industry Regulations
American National Standards Institute
ANSI B11.0
Safety of Machinery – General
Requirements and Risk Assessment
OSHA 29 CFR 1910.212
General Requirements for
(Guarding of) All Machines
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ANSI B11.1
Mechanical Power Presses
OSHA 1910 – Subpart D
Walking – Working Surfaces
Euronorm – Official European Standard
ANSI B11.2
Hydraulic Power Presses
OSHA 1910 – Subpart O
Machinery and machine guarding
International Standards Organization
ANSI B11.3
Power Press Brakes
OSHA 1910 – Subpart P
Hand & Portable Powered Tools
National Electrical Manufacturers Association
ANSI B11.4
OSHA 1910 – Subpart S
National Fire Protection Association
ANSI B11.5
Iron Workers
OSHA 1910.6
Incorporation by reference –
Includes ANSI, NFPA standards
Occupational Health and Safety Administration
ANSI B11.6
Turning Machines (Lathes) – Manual
OSHA 1910.24
Fixed industrial stairs
Robotics Industries Association
ANSI B11.7
Cold Headers and Cold Formers
OSHA 1910.27
Fixed ladders
ANSI B11.8
Manual Milling, Drilling
and Boring
OSHA 1910.147
Control of Hazardous Energy
Lockout / Tagout
ANSI B11.9
Grinding Machines
OSHA 1910.212
General requirements for all machines
ANSI B11.10
Metal Sawing Machines
OSHA 1910.213
Woodworking machinery
ANSI B11.11
Gear and Spline Cutting
OSHA 1910.215
Abrasive wheel machinery
ANSI B11.12
Roll Forming & Roll
Bending Machines
OSHA 1910.217
Mechanical power press
ANSI B11.13
Single and Multiple-Spindle Bar
and Chucking Machines
OSHA 1910.218
Forging machines
ANSI B11.14
Coil Slitting Machines / Systems
OSHA 1910.219
Power transmission elements
ANSI B11.15
Pipe, Tube & Shape Bending Machines
OSHA 1910.333
Electrical Safety
ANSI B11.16
Powder / Metal Compacting Presses
ANSI B11.17
Horizontal Hydraulic Extrusion Presses
ANSI B11.18
Machines Processing of Coiled Strip,
Sheet, and Plate
ANSI B11.19
Safeguarding Design, Construction,
Installation, Operation, Maintenance
ANSI B11.20
Integrated Manufacturing Systems Cells
ANSI B11.21
Machines Tools Using Lasers
ANSI B11.22
CNC Turning Machines
ANSI B11.23
CNC Milling, Drilling & Boring Machines
ANSI B11.24
Transfer Machines
ANSI / RIA R15.06
Industrial Robots and Robot Systems
ANSI B11 / TR3
Risk Assessment / Risk Reduction