Falling on the job may seem harmless at first, but a workplace fall can result in serious injury, lost time, and even death. Your facilities potentially have hundreds of spots where your employees are at risk of falling. Falls are unpredictable and can happen even when your employees have a "safety-first" mindset. That's why fall protection services are a must for every business.

From stairs and slippery floors to elevated platforms and rooftops , fall hazards are everywhere, but they aren't always obvious to the untrained eye. Stronghold helps you identify your fall hazards so you can keep your employees on their feet and on the job. We understand that your industrial processes need to be free of unnecessary obstructions, so we help you design and implement fall protection solutions that keep you compliant while also allowing you to be productive.

Full-Service Fall Protection

Fall protection is continuously the number one cited violation by OSHA, costing businesses millions in easily avoidable fines each year. While you certainly don't want to face a citation, the overall safety of your team is an even bigger reason why you need to implement full-scale fall protection in and around your facilities. As your full-service safety partner, Stronghold is here to make falls one less thing for you to worry about.

Starting with a fall hazard assessment, we visit your site and find potential hazards as defined by OSHA and ANSI standards. After identifying your areas of risk, we help design the safety plan that will greatly reduce the chances of someone falling and getting seriously hurt on the job. Stronghold's fall protection services can be customized based on your specific applications, budget, and time constraints. From prefabricated guard railing systems to custom-designed solutions, our safety experts can fully engineer and install your entire fall protection plan. We also have a full selection of fall protection products available for purchase in our online store.

Machine Guarding Assessments
Machine Guarding Assessments
Recognize Your Risks
A detailed safety assessment from Stronghold uncovers your risks and provides clear, actionable results.
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Risk Reduction Consulting
Risk Reduction Consulting
Your Custom Safety Plan
Our safety experts engineer custom solutions designed to minimize risk and maximize productivity.
Plan for Safety
Remediation Services
Remediation Services
Fortify Your Workplace
We put your safety plan into place by fully implementing the solutions that make you safer without disrupting your operations.
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