Safety is not a DIY job. As the most important thing you can do to protect your employees and your business as a whole, it's essential to invest in professional machine guarding solutions that are properly designed and properly installed. Anything less can cost you time, money, and even put your employees at greater risk for injury.

Start with a thorough assessment

Every company knows that safety is important. You won't often hear an executive say, "Safety just isn't that important to us." Unfortunately, budget and time constraints often seem to reduce the perceived importance of machine safety for some organizations. This may cause them to wait until an injury occurs or they receive a citation before they even get an assessment, or they may seek out a basic insurance assessment that will at best make them minimally compliant. These types of assessments offer bare minimum protection that may still result in serious injury and lost productivity because they don't identify many risks that a thorough assessment would quickly uncover. While it's impossible to completely eliminate the potential for workplace accidents, a professional safety assessment is the starting point for your best defense against risk.

Let safety professionals handle safety solutions

Many industrial companies make the right choice at the beginning and seek a professional assessment from a safety company. Once they have that assessment and the recommendations that come with it, some companies choose to implement their own machine safety solutions. Shortly after making this decision, many companies realize they don't have the time or the technical skills to install the solutions correctly. They then decide to put it off until later, leaving themselves susceptible to the many risks uncovered by the assessment. Other companies will rush to implement only to discover later that their installation wasn't correct or compliant. Unfortunately, these DIY installations are often found to be inefficient because of an injury that the correct implementation could have prevented.

You know your industry. Safety professionals know theirs. In order to maximize your potential and your productivity, it's best to have a professional assess, design, and implement your machine safety solution.

Advantages of professional guarding services include:

  • Highest level of compliance with OSHA, ANSI, and other relevant regulations
  • Faster and more efficient installation that can save time and money in the long run
  • Dramatically reduced risk of injury, downtime, or loss of time
  • Increased productivity

If you're serious about safety, contact Stronghold for complete professional safety solutions that help you protect what's most important.