Your machines and equipment are vital to your production.

So is the safety of your workers. By eliminating risks before they lead to injury, you can protect your people and maximize your productivity. A machine guarding assessment from Stronghold is your first step to identifying your risks, designing a custom safety plan, and implementing solutions that will protect your employees and deliver maximum ROI.

Machine safeguarding is about a lot more than compliance. It's about making sure your machines can operate safely on a daily basis according to your production needs. Rather than waiting until you receive a citation or someone gets injured on the job to do something about it, you need a complete safety assessment that will proactively help you prevent injury, downtime, and losses in production.

A Safer, More Productive Workplace
A Safer, More Productive Workplace

A safety assessment is a vital first step in making your workplace safer and more productive. Our assessments are designed to identify areas of risk and help you understand your safeguarding options. As a company that's serious about industrial safety, we don't rush through your facility just to do what it takes to meet minimum compliance standards or give you a false sense of security. Instead, we evaluate your machines and equipment based on your specific applications and determine all of the risk factors. With our deep industrial background, we can efficiently and effectively find the areas that are most likely to affect your bottom line in the near future as well as further down the road. 

A Detailed Assessment that Makes Sense of Your Business
A Detailed Assessment that Makes Sense of Your Business

Safety assessments shouldn't be overwhelming documents that leave businesses confused and unsure of what to do next. Our process is thorough and easy to understand so you can make the right follow-up decisions.

When assessing your machines and equipment, we determine compliance and risk based on:

  • OSHA regulations
  • Industry standards (ANSI, etc.)
  • Company specific guarding standards
  • Recognized hazards

After completing our assessment, we deliver a comprehensive personalized machine safeguarding report that clearly documents each piece of equipment with corresponding observations, machine safety or compliance issues, and a risk ranking to help you prioritize your safety plan. We determine the potential risk of each machine based on three key factors:

  • Frequency of use
  • Probability of injury
  • Severity of harm

As your full-service safety consultant, we walk you through each part of the assessment and help you understand the best options for creating a safety plan that will help fortify your workplace against risk. We'll then help you implement that plan so you can be fully compliant with a safer workplace that strengthens your bottom line.

Risk Reduction Consulting
Risk Reduction Consulting
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Remediation Services
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