After receiving your complete safety assessment, you're going to have a lot to think about.

From basic compliance issues to underlying safety threats and long-term risk factors, an assessment can shed a lot of light on the potential dangers your business is facing. When the safety of your employees is on the line, you can't afford to think for too long. You need to get a plan in place as soon as possible to mitigate those risks so you can protect your team against injury, downtime, and lost productivity.

Knowing your biggest risk factors is an important first step, but this knowledge alone doesn't make you safer. Following your machine guarding assessment, Stronghold's expert consultants will help you design and engineer the safety plan that will minimize your risk so you can maximize your production.

A Custom Safety Plan

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all safety plan. The right safety measures for your workplace will depend on a wide range of factors including your specific machines and equipment, frequency of use, production needs, and the general environment of your facilities. After evaluating your risk areas and helping you understand how to prioritize, we design the solutions to address each safety issue according to your unique applications.

Some fixes will be relatively simple. Maybe you need to replace a safety shield or add a lathe guard. We can recommend the right products to get the job done. In other cases, you'll need a much more customized approach. We'll engineer the right solutions to ensure safer equipment and processes that still operate at maximum capacity.

With Stronghold as your safety consulting partner, you'll always know that safety is in your best interest. We're not here just to make you compliant. We're here to design a complete safety plan that fortifies you against risk while delivering maximum ROI.

Machine Guarding Assessments
Machine Guarding Assessments
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Remediation Services
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