In any potentially hazardous workplace, there’s a lot on the line.

You need strong safeguards to protect your people and your assets. Stronghold Safety Engineering identifies potential dangers in your workplace, recommends the most effective solutions, and implements them so you can rest easier knowing you’re prepared for just about anything.

From identifying fall hazards to recognizing machines that aren't properly safeguarded, we have a keen eye for safety that aligns with your business and production goals. When you work with us, we help you create a safety plan that protects your employees and delivers maximum ROI. And we're the only safety company with the resources and know-how to fully implement that plan. By leveraging our extensive industrial experience, we put the right safety measures in place without disrupting your operations, saving you time and money in both the short term and the long run.

Keeping your employees safe is your most important job. We're here to help you find and fix your safety issues so you can be more productive.

Your Full-Service Safety Partner

Industrial machine safety is never a quick fix, but it's the most important thing you can do to protect your business. As a true full-service machine safety company, we're with you during every step of the process:

Machine Guarding Assessments
Machine Guarding Assessments
Our detailed safety assessment is designed to uncover your risk areas.
From non-compliance to hidden dangers, we help you find the factors that could cause injury, hamper production, and cost you money down the road. This isn't a simple assessment with the end goal of keeping you minimally compliant. This is the start of a complete safety plan that will protect everything that matters. With detailed results that you can understand, it's the best safety assessment you can possibly get.
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Risk Reduction Consulting
Risk Reduction Consulting
We work with you to create a detailed plan to address everything.
Safety is never an out-of-the-box fix. Our safety experts engineer the custom solutions that will work for your unique needs. We understand that you might not have the budget to do everything at once. We'll help you prioritize high-risk areas and develop a long-term plan to ensure your workplace can be as safe as possible. Keep in mind that even a low-risk issue can cause serious injury and have lasting financial implications. While it's impossible to predict when a safety issue will arise, we help you understand your options so you can best be fortified against risk.
Plan for Safety
Remediation Services
Remediation Services
A plan doesn't do much good until it's put in place.
This is where we really stand out from the rest. As the only safety company with the resources, knowledge, and insurance to fully implement your safety plan, Stronghold is truly here to help you become safer. Unlike other companies, we don't show you a plan and wish you good luck. We implement the solutions ourselves, leveraging decades of industrial experience to make sure your operations stay up and running throughout the entire process. Stronghold gets the job done right the first time so you can be safer and more productive faster.
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Fall Protection
Keep Your Team Safely on Their Feet

Falling on the job may seem harmless at first, but a workplace fall can result in serious injury, lost time, and even death. Your facilities potentially have hundreds of spots where your employees are at risk of falling. Falls are unpredictable and can happen even when your employees have a "safety-first" mindset. That's why fall protection services are a must for every business. 

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