Lovegreen Machine Safety is now Stronghold Safety Engineering.

We're proud to expand on Lovegreen's reputation for industrial excellence so we can help every business make safety a productive priority. As a true one-stop safety partner, we help you protect what's most important. We are Stronghold.

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The Transition

Lovegreen Machine Safety (LMS) opened in the early 2000s backed by decades of industrial experience that immediately made it the ideal partner for improving workplace safety. In 2016, visionary leader Chris Pizinger acquired LMS because he recognized the company's unique position as a full-service safety solution provider. Fully aware of the major gaps in the rapidly changing safety industry, Chris saw Stronghold as the future of industrial machine safety.

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What's Changed

One of the primary goals of Stronghold is to take a more proactive approach to safety. Rather than wait for risk to turn into injury or death, we want to get in front of the risks and provide remediation before your people and your business suffer.

  • Our name: We are now Stronghold, a name that demonstrates our unique ability to fortify your workplace against risk.
  • Our leadership: We've built a strong leadership team that combines decades of industrial experience with decades of safety experience to help us better identify your needs and work within your processes.
  • Our location: We're moving to a new facility with expanded potential for developing effective machine safety solutions.
  • Our approach: We want to identify risk and implement safety solutions before you and your personnel face the consequences.

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What Hasn't Changed

Stronghold isn't a brand new company. Stronghold is a better company that's built on years of experience and expertise. When you partner with us, you'll experience the same great service and the same best-in-class solutions you're used to.

  • We're still the only company that can fully assess, design, and implement machine safety solutions.
  • The safety of your people and your assets is still our number one priority.
  • We still carry a wide selection of products to meet all your safety needs.

Make Safety a Priority Today

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What's Next

We are looking ahead to a future where safety is a top priority for every business. We believe safety shouldn't hinder production or performance. In fact, a safer environment is a more productive environment. Stronghold plans to grow rapidly in both reach and capabilities to ensure safety is a viable option for every business.

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